Feed Milling Plants

  An Impressive Performance Record


We have an impressive list of clients
We also have an impressive record of refusing assignments where we were expected to cut corners. Cutting costs is one thing. Cutting corners is criminal.

Of course we can provide standardised plants
However ...  There are no standardised clients. And locations are different.
Raw materials change. And so do the specifications.

Your situation is unique
Your constraints are unique. Your plant has to be unique.
So our designs must respond to your dynamic needs.

Our designs are the boldest
But ...
We look hard before we leap.

Cost effectiveness is the key
Our most capital-intensive plants have been as cost-effective as the least capital-intensive ones. The sharper your cost accountant, the more he will love us.

Keep your options open
With a Spectoms plant, you can keep all your options open.
Today. In the foreseeable future. And beyond.

An Impressive Performance Record

Local plants must  conform to local conditions, and yet change with time

With over 30 years' experience in Animal Feed Plants, Spectoms is a pioneer and today the leader in this industry. Spectoms have always maintained that local plants must  conform to their  local   conditions. However, as the conditions evolve the plant too must be capable of adapting to meet the emerging needs and absorb the emerging technologies.

For instance, the modular expansion of Mysore Feed Ltd. at Bangalore

The plant of Mysore Feed Ltd. at Bangalore started in 1967 as a small  1 TPH feed  mill.  It was expanded in stages to 5 TPH by 1973 and  then  to 2 streams, each of 5 TPH, by 1978. Production remained uninterrupted throughout. By 1984 it was converted into a 15  TPH integrated plant with computerised pre-weighing and  simultaneous processing of Cattle and Poultry Feed without any cross contamination. Information on incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products is now linked though a computer network and even  batch-to-batch consumption data is available to facilitate stringent quality control.

  Amul, the world-renowned milk co-operative at Anand

Amul, the world-renowned milk co-operative which introduced the concept of compound cattle feed, wanted to double the capacity of their Kanjeri unit. We installed the second plant in such a way that their existing infrastructure could be used to run both plants simultaneously.

  Gujarat Ambuja Protein, Ahmedabad

At  the Gujarat Ambuja Protein Plant at Kadi near Ahmedabad we did  away with the conventional basement for housing elevator bottoms to give convenient access for cleaning and maintenance.

Venkateshwara Hatcheries, Hosur

For Venkateshwara Hatcheries, we set up India's largest integrated  poultry breeding and processing operation. We   set up a 120 TPD plant for them at Hosur   and  one  more  is  under execution at Pune.

  Viswa Agro Enterprises, Gobichettipalayam

Viswa Agro Enterprises wanted a feed mill capable of processing Aqua Feed along with Cattle and Poultry Feed. Using Universal Grinder we designed an energy efficient Fine Grinding System which is most vital for aqua feeds. An integrated computerised pre-mix section incorporating extruders makes this plant the most versatile plant in India. 

  Supporting accessories

Supporting accessories help improve the  operational efficiency of every Spectoms feed plant. For the 15 TPH plant which we designed for the National Dairy Development Board at Ubkhal we developed bulk storage silos for raw materials and finished goods for the first time in India. Even after years of round-the-clock operation this plant is among the most efficient in India in terms of processing costs and product facilities.

  Going beyond the boundaries of the known

We go beyond the boundaries of the known. When a customer wants to pelletise a material not known for its pelletability we help him conduct  trials with different binders and pelleting parameters in our dedicated research facility. For the Indian government's Department of Science and Technology we helped to set up a model Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) plant at Mumbai for converting the city's garbage into useful fuel. For Anichem India Ltd. we designed a plant to grind Maize cobs to a fine powder and coat it with feed additives. There are many such  instances of industrial research undertaken by Spectoms. 

  Top quality machines, efficient supply of spares

Machines manufactured by Spectoms are highly respected by the industry and even foreign machinery manufacturers depend on supplies and services from us. The wear parts used for Hammer Mills and Pellet Mills are made using the latest metallurgical expertise at a modern heat treatment facility. Dies and Press Rolls manufactured by Spectoms are known for their long operating life. The quality of spares manufactured by us is assured by using accurate machine tools and the latest machining processes.

  The customerís profitability is our problem

Our relationship with the customer starts from the day he has the desire to set up a plant. We help to decide what is best suited for his requirements. Engineering detailing and accurately monitored execution follow till the plant goes into regular production. The relationship continues for the supply of vital spares, trouble-shooting and assistance to judiciously incorporate expansion and modernisation.

  Total involvement in turnkey projects

For every turnkey project our objective is to provide that plant which is the most appropriate to serve the customerís unique needs. The totality of our services includes:

  •  Product conceptualisation
  • Selection of the appropriate technology
  • Project engineering
  • Detailed engineering
  • Erection and commissioning
  • Trial run and handover
  • Production planning and quality control
  • Customer support services and training
  • Uninterrupted supply of spares and wearout parts
  • Emergency services in the plant

  Emergency services in the plant

In the case of breakdowns we depute our service engineer to take immediate action and restore normalcy. When it comes to the emergency supply of spares, we are second to none. Frequently used spares are available off the shelf so as to minimise the plantís production downtime. We even undertake the manufacturing of custom-made spares to substitute imported parts.

  World class project engineering expertise

Our project engineering expertise has been recognised internationally by customers in Food Processing, Oil Milling, Biscuit Manufacturing, Energy Foods, Salt Iodisation, Soyabean Preparation, Meal Finishing, etc. Such diversified fields and customers have given us a unique flexibility to be able to develop a solution for one application and use it effectively for many other requirements. It is this versatility which has been responsible for our special-purpose machines being supplied to the man-made fibre industry  and for our specialised attachments used on the ships of the Indian Navy.

Our clients

Our assignments come from multinationals, co-operatives, oil mill owners and  even small family business enterprises. These wide range of assignments have enriched our experience, and new layouts have evolved for every need.

To remind us to keep up our standards, we received the Award for Excellence in Engineering Exports in 1989.